Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Packing Light???

I was trying to figure out what we can have on our persons when getting on the plane to go to London and ran across a packing list for traveling to Europe.

You can probably skip the first few bits and go almost halfway down to the "Other Options for Personal Care" section, which is where things get really interesting. My biggest question is, "How in the world are you supposed to pack light if you pack his 'two dozen little things'?"

A couple snatches:
On Colds: Use it to knock out a cold better than any cold medicine on the market. In the evening, down a pint of vodka or brandy, bundle up with more on than you would wear in an Arctic howl, and sweat it out. You might still be drunk in the morning, but voila! — no cold. Use a good quality (triple distilled) product to avoid a hangover and a headache the next morning. My preference is Hennessy cognac, with or without fresh squeezed lemon juice. I call it my Dr. Hennessy.

On Mouthwash: Casual reading of the labels of some of those green and blue bottles in the drugstores reveals the fact that they are full of many ingredients, including alcohol at a concentration of up to 26%. Some of the ingredients are poisons so you won't want to drink the stuff. There is another form of alcohol which will kill most of those germs causing bad breath, but won't kill you unless you really try. It will just make you feel warm and comfortable. It's called vodka, normally about 40% alcohol. I sometimes use vodka as mouthwash before bed. It has other uses as described in the next section of this chapter, "Traveler's Supplies."
Definitely check out the many uses for vinegar as well!

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