Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's been a LONG while since I updated anybody one what's shaking in the Netherlands, but that's because I don't know anymore! Andy and I got home safe and sound after a long flight to Philly and a longer (it felt that way) flight to DFW on a HOT, uncomfortable, drinkless US Airways flight. I was actually sweating when we landed, so I will probably avoid flying on any of their domestic flights in the future, and probably the international ones as well. Any company that's too cheap to serve me a free soda and too cheap to turn on the AIR CONDITIONING is too cheap to deserve my patronage. Southwest has cheaper flights and still serves a free beverage and uses air conditioning (last I checked, I don't fly much).

So what have I been doing since arriving in the Lone Star State (also known as the greatest state in the Union)? I've gone Christmas shopping, started making plans for a gingerbread house for my mom (gingerbread is so nasty), bought a graduation gift for my brother, thought about buying a wedding gift for my other brother who got married last summer and otherwise made a nuisance of myself. I did also come up with some new designs for a friend's website, but I have yet to remember to ask her permission for me to blog about it, so I can't tell you much. =)

I'll update you on my culinary experiences and post photos from Germany, Belgium and Paris next week if I can convince my lazy booty to do so. That reminds me - I became fairly convinced while in Europe that I had lost a good bit of weight - most of my pants, especially my slacks, which had been a bit snug - were practically falling off. It turns out I lost 10 pounds while there. I've gained 2 of them back in 12 short days. =)