Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last Sunday (7/10/08)

Evidently Americans aren't the only ones who drive too fast! I think the smile/frown system is definitely something the US should adopt. Speeders are very clearly reprimanded and non-speeders are very clearly rewarded. It shows just how happy or unhappy Ma-Government is with you, which then makes you want to be a good boy or girl.

Oostport. Or maybe it's Oostpoort. Anyways, it's the only old gate to the city that's still around, and it means East Gate. Or Eastern Gate. Whatever. And in case you're wondering, yes, those rails and that modern looking drawbridge type thing are all originals...

Can anyone tell me what part is the gate part? Is the problem with my imagination that there aren't any walls or that the canals are different or what?

Below there's a canal to the left, me to the right of that [You can't tell, but that mound of flowers behind me is a triangle planter. They have them in a number of places. Much preferred to the all too frequent, "Yeah, we put some ugly shrubs here with a couple pretty flowers nearby and just left the shrubs to be overgrown and ugly while we periodically tend the flowers."], and two photos of the least crowded part of the market we could find so that we could take pictures on Sunday afternoon.

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