Saturday, July 19, 2008

A bit of London along the Thames 07-12-08

I'm not sure what bridge was in the background of these photos, but the last bridge is London Bridge, which is where we took the photos of the first bridge from (except for the last photo of the first bridge). =D

Isn't Andy sweet and wonderful and absolutely marvelous for carrying my bag even though it's girly?
These are some ships. I forgot what the big one was called... They're British though! =/
These are some buildings we liked. Aren't they neat? =D The latter one is my favorite, and Andy wanted to take a picture of the second one. I liked the first one, but I don't know what Andy's opinion on the matter is.
St. Paul's was AMAZING. It might be Anglican*, but holy cow it's AMAZING. Especially on the inside - the outside looks more like a seat of government than anything. There aren't any photos of the inside, because they're not permitted. We did sit through most of the end of choral Vespers which was lovely, though not as lovely as the choir at Mass on Sunday, but I'll tell you about that later.

Oddly enough we forgot to go by Westminster Abbey even though we went to Mass at Westminster Cathedral on Sunday. Go figure.
Crosswalk signals from London just for my mama. =D

*The Anglicans and high church Episcopalians (from what I understand) actually have a habit of having beautiful churches. If only some Catholics** would pick up on that habit...

**I don't frequent this blog, so I can't say anything for it's typical content, I just saw these photos on another blog a while back, but couldn't remember which one.

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Andy said...

that first bridge is "Tower Bridge", original name huh?