Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Britain Museum 07-14-08

Wow! I'm finally putting pictures up from our last full day in London! I didn't think it would ever happen! ;)

This is our trip to the Britain Museum, aka the museum of artifacts that the British stole from other nations and now keep because those other nations just wouldn't take care of them. Anyways.

The Rosetta Stone, a statue of a pharaoh and a large impressive stone thing that looks a bit like a centaur, though I think it was Egyptian.

These photos are from the uhhh, Oriental section? Boy that's probably not PC, but I have no idea what they called it. Anyways, I think you can figure out most of the photos...

Yes, yes, that is a statue of George Washington! It was a gift from I think Virginia, though I can't help but wonder what they were thinking when they gave the British a statue of a victorious traitor.

The last is a photo taken from the entrance to the Britain Museum.

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