Monday, July 28, 2008

London Misc 07-13-08

It's the biggest grandfather clock I've ever seen! Plus a photo of the London Hard Rock Cafe for my friend Aaron who collects the glasses - one of those gifts that says, "I thought about you, but not for very long." 0=D

I really appreciated the Londonians' (Londonites?) thoughtfulness in reminding people which way to look for the traffic since they drive on the wrong side of the road... The last photo was just a cool building, but I did wonder, "Do they serve Prince Albert in a Can? And what does that mean anyways?"

A taxi (they all look the same except for the color, a two-for-one special on lamps and so many people Cheryl said, "We're not going down there." The Ferris wheel is the London Eye if you're wondering, and it goes very very very slowly. It would probably take long enough to finish for me to end in a huddled, moaning mass of tears and cursing. Yeah, we didn't ride it...

A Texaco! Something familiar! (besides the Pizza Hut we ate at that morning and the McDonald's where we got a McFlurry so that we could use the bathroom yesterday) And, ummm, some buildings...

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