Friday, July 18, 2008

London Town

So in case anybody's been wondering what we've been up to for the last week besides making minor modifications to the blog's layout (better, but still not satisfying), we were in England for three and a half days!

Andy came to the Netherlands to work with a guy who moved to Cambridge a year after the grant came through (we had actually planned to be here last summer), so Andy went to Cambridge for a few days while I pretended to be a Trappist (no talking). I met him on Saturday and we left on Tuesday. We had a good bit of fun, and we spent too much money, which I'm not going to count (the pound is something like twice the dollar).

There are a few photos from Cambridge that I'll let Andy post about (though if he wants to do the rest of them too, that's fine!). I'm not sure where the Cambridge line ends and London begins (even though I was there for the London photos, sad isn't it?), so I'm going to postpone revealing them all.

The British have a reputation for serving bland, boring food. I've heard they have wonderful Indian food, but I don't like Indian food (I know, there's something wrong with me). I was a bit fearful of eating strictly British food, so we opted for other fare, starting with burgers that were overpriced but not too bad, Pizza Hut pizza (I don't know) served by an exceedingly friendly waitress and ending with some bland, boring, overpriced pasta. After that I decided I should try the pubs (Andy had already been to two in Cambridge). Success! The British DO serve good food, it just happens that the only thing they serve that's good is pub food, so it's more like home cooked food than restaurant food, which is fine by me. =)

If you're ever in London, get a pasty, but don't think you're going to eat it in the train station, take it somewhere, cut it open and let it cool - a bit, NOT completely - before you're not able to eat for a week, go to the pubs and enjoy some Guinness because you shouldn't drink anything that resembles bodily fluids*. If you like the pasty, get a meat pie, they're tasty and a lot like chicken pot pie, and if you didn't, try the sea salt and cracked pepper fish bite things. Very good. If you're into the most famous British food of all (as far as I know), get some fish and chips. Just remember to get the beer too!

Before we start posting photos, I do want to warn you, there are a LOT of photos of light posts. I'll try to put these in one corner so if you get tired of them, you can ignore them, but my mom (who requested them) can see them.

*This is my rule, Andy likes that stuff...

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