Sunday, July 27, 2008

London's Big Ben, Westminster Churches, Etc. 07-13-08

On Sunday we went to Mass at Westminster Cathedral. Once again, photos of the inside were not allowed, but it didn't make much difference because the inside looks to have been mostly gutted for repairs (I hope not more hideous modern remodeling). The architecture is a Byzantine response to the Neo-Gothic architecture of Westminster Abbey (or at least something I read somewhere said that). =)

I don't know what this first picture is, but it's neat. The second one is St. Martin de Porres (also Anglican *sigh*), or at least I think so. Andy will know. =)

This is Westminster Abbey. We didn't go inside because they were having a service (imagine that! on a Sunday of all days!), and that would be rude. =) So we took pictures of the outside. Not really satisfying, but oh well.

Big Ben! Did you know that Big Ben is attached to Parliament which is that huge freaking building stuck to Big Ben? Who knew?! (besides Andy, who also happens to be looking handsome as usual in the last photo of Big Ben)

Some miscellaneous pictures of Parliament Square, which oddly enough is in front of Parliament (Westminster Abbey was on one side of the square with Parliament on one of the adjoining sides, I think).

Yes, those are protesters in tents out there. They're protesting the Iraq War and had some obscenely high death count up (2 million or something), which I haven't seen in relation to the war except on their signs. Somehow I think if 2 million anybody's had died, the media would have let us know. But whatever...

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