Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Trip Downtown*

This is where we live from the back side, where I prefer to get the groceries and where we first got the groceries! Very exciting.

A really big sail boat, a canal and a draw bridge over a canal. They actually send rather large barges down the canals. Watching them make 90 degree turns is pretty impressive.

You see that gaggle of bikers over on the right side of the bridge? They're thinking, "We had to wait while they raised the bridge for that little boat???"

You have to look just like the man on the sticker to get the button to work ya' know.

I think the poster says something like, "Oh, John, what makes your hair so nice?" I say that to Andy all the time. =D Except I say Andy instead of John...

This is a big shopping area downtown.

We almost ran into a marching band! Or maybe they almost ran into us. I don't know what they were marching for, but there were at least 3 bands, one of which had very small children marching while carrying instruments (not playing) next to adults. Nobody smiled. It was weird.

That's the townhall. Or the old townhall. I don't know if it's used anymore.

The middle photo is of a little market place they had setup.

Some little boys were floating down the canal (not in a straight line either). Fortunately, some parental looking figures were just down the canal in a power boat.

A Best Western!

That's the "Old Church" which means the one that was standing at the time of the Reformation. You can't tell in the first picture so much, but in the second you can see how far the tower is leaning.

A tourist boat and a weird car. By the way, we saw a Chevy Belaire driving down the street. I was so sad we didn't have the camera with us. While we were in Den Haag or maybe it was on our way back, we saw a long line of old cars, half of which had the steering wheels on the wrong side of the car (British!).

It was a neat look building, so we took a picture. I don't know what it was.

All you can drink wine! Except not. Sadness.

I think it's some sort of heron.

The first windmill sighting! (that we could have walked up to if we wanted to anyways)

Next is the train station we came into. We walked a long way with our luggage. A long way.

There's an underpass we have to walk through to get between our place and downtown that has tons of well done graffiti on it. Apparently people just come down and paint on the walls when they feel like it.

They're pretty impressive, but I suppose when nobody's coming to crack your head open with a night stick while you paint, you've got time to do something that's pretty nice. Though I have no idea what they say, so maybe it's not really all that nice at all...

We took a photo of the bus stop so we would remember to check out that website for cheap flights. =)

And last but not least...

Holy cow! That's a little bitty car! There were two people in the car when we walked up beside it, and they were quite crammed together. I imagine it didn't take up much more than half of a regular car in width.

*I am thoroughly dissatisfied by this method of posting photos to Blogger. I need an album thing that's well integrated. So hopefully the system will get better.

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