Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sunday Before the Sunday Before Last (Jun 23)

I apologize! I uploaded some photos, but completely forgot to POST them!

I don't really understand what happened, but somehow these photos never seemed to have gotten posted when they should have been posted, so without further ado, here they are!

There is an English speaking Mass in Den Haag that we attempted to attend, but we got on the wrong train which was not a stoptrain and that took us too far, so that we had to double back. At that point, we might only have been late for Mass, but somehow we had the address of what appears to be the rectory and is a good half hour walk from the Church. By the time we got to the rectory, decided Mass was definitely not happening at the building we were at and fixed on the correct address of the Church, we were 75 minutes late for Mass! We finally got to the church almost 2 hours after Mass should have started, which means it had probably been over for an hour. These are photos from the trip.

The breakfast of champions! Start your day off right with a bit of tasty sausage, a bit of tasty cheese, some crackers and a glass of milk straight out of the lined carton that was sitting warm on the shelf at the grocery store... What?

The second photo is a bit more clear - on our way back to the church (which is actually only a 5-10 minute walk from the train station, rather than the 30 to the rectory) we walked through a pleasant little park of sorts.

Some old European cars we saw. We saw what looked like a 50s Belaire driving through town a couple weeks ago, but didn't have the camera, and probably couldn't have gotten a photo off anyways. Stationary subjects are much easier...

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