Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 4

Today was a day for much rejoicing.

Today we bought the stovetop espresso maker from Ikea. After our 6 mile trek to and from the store of tasty purchases and cheap and still cheaper home furnishings, we were able at last to partake of the tasty goodness that is the homemade latte.

According to legend, my younger brother nearly starved one holiday in Berlin when the stores closed unexpectedly, and he was left without groceries for weeks on end (it was actually only one day). When he returned to the US, we knew that such had truly occurred - he had surely left 100 pounds behind (it was probably 20 pounds). And so it was, that fearing greatly lest we be faced with a day of rumbling tummies, we stocked up on groceries.

This was probably a bit more preparation than is really necessary, as the very helpful English speaking expat website In Touch says that grocery stores in Rotterdam, which is close to us, are open on Saturdays, generally for some part of Sunday and sometimes on Monday. I think our town is a bit smaller, so we're shooting for safety on our first weekend here. =)

Last night I made some decent (as in not all that great, but certainly edible) spaghetti sauce with chicken and twisty pasta for dinner. Tonight it's mac and cheese - provided the butter we bought is actually butter... There were cows on the front and it says boter or something on the package... We'll see. At least I think the flour isn't self-rising - that would make for some interesting sauce. =D I'll take a photo next week of our breakfast fare. From Andy's and my prior experiences in Europe, I think it's a very European breakfast. We'll see how long it lasts. ;D

And now, I will take photos of the apartment so that you may see how we guests of Holland live in the lap of luxury!

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