Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Apartment

The apt was a bit grungy when we moved in, but it looks like it'll due for 6 months. At least I got the toilet to stop stinking... Which reminds me that the darn thing is so tall only my toes reach the ground when I sit on it. We have twin beds, but the management was kind enough to scoot them together for us - so thoughtful! The dish situation is rather interesting - two boxes of the same stuff, each containing one plate, one shallow and wide bowl, one set of eating utensils, a wok type thing, a pot, a tiny cutting board, a large serrated knife and a bottle opening.

We have one tiny fridge (which I expected), a tiny gas range, no oven, no microwave (which I didn't even think about), a single basin sink, some trash cans, a desk with a lamp and desk chair, some bookshelves, table with 4 chairs, 2 comfy chairs and a coffee table, 2 short chests of drawers, a small wardrobe with no hangers, some toilet paper (2 rolls!), very dim overhead lighting and some super random lamps attached to the wall in the bedroom, a washing machine (which is very exciting) but no drier and a laundry line with clothes pins, a large vacuum cleaner with a mop, mop bucket, tiny broom and dust pan.

The walls are pretty darn ugly and we have some maroon colored drapes that don't even come close to matching the pasty, creamy, orangy weird color of the walls. Oh, and don't forget that there are two doors into the bedroom (on the same corner of the room no less) and a door leading from the hall into the living room. What??? Thank goodness there's no door on the kitchen - it's so small I think I'd get claustrophobic with a door on it. The kitchen has a door leading to the balcony, as does the living room. In fact, the doors are right next to each other... At the top of the walls between the bedroom and the hallway and the bedroom and the living room are, you'll never believe this, windows! Yes! Windows, in case you, what? wanted to stand on a chair and see into one room from the other? wanted to know if someone got up in the middle of the night and turned a light on in the other room?

So that is our crazy insane apt.

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