Friday, June 20, 2008

The Apartment Photos*

These are photos out the front door and the back patio. We have birds like these in the US, but I don't know what they're called. There are some other birds I'll try to get a few photos of that are really neat/pretty.

Also, note that I said we have a patio. =) We have a patio in Chicago, but it's not "private". Oooohh. =D

I just wanted to show you all the doors in the first photo. The door on the right leads into the bedroom, if you look just to the left of it, you can see the other door leading into the bedroom. What? Did I just say that? On the far left is the door leading to the hallway, the door beyond that is to the bathroom, the door beyond is to some sort of storage closet with a mattress and washing machine, and the door beyond that is the front door. Why is there a door between the living area and the hallway?

Notice that we have a SINGLE basin sink. And yes, that's the fridge beneath the stove. There is no oven, no freezer, and no microwave.

Our apartment came with two sets of the dishes in the middle photo. Notice the little paring knife, the bread knife and the dinner knife. What am I supposed to eat with those? Also notice the little tiny spoon. Am I supposed to eat soup with that one or the giant one or the wooden one??? And why a wok? Wouldn't a regular ol' skillet have been more useful? What do these people eat besides bread???

The dishes in the photo on the right are the things we decided we couldn't live/cook without. Total bill: 30 euros... Cost of the stovetop espresso maker: 18 euros. Yah, it was a bit expensive, but it makes 6 servings!

Our first response to the view in the left photo was, "What the heck?" They're reading lamps that you can't turn on/off without getting out of bed. That little black thing hanging down? That's to turn off the overhead light.

As you can see from the middle photo, there's no place in the bathroom to hang the towels (I'm afraid the shower rod will collapse in the middle), so the foot of the beds will have to do... Yes, we are married and sleep in twin beds a la "I Love Lucy".

That's our dirty laundry in the right photo hanging on the door of the wardrobe that doesn't have hangers in it. Our linens came in those plastic bags you see sitting on top of our luggage - 4 warm blankets and 4 sets of white sheets. No fitted ones. =(

It's the bathroom. It's actually cruddier than it looks. The flash makes it look too shiny and clean...

I saved the best photo for last - the inside of the toilet bowl... You should have seen it before I cleaned it... Ewwwww.

*This layout isn't optimal, but it's much better than the original! Maybe I'll fix it later. Maybe I won't.

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