Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rotterdam Zoo 10-04-08

Andy and I went to Rotterdam a couple weeks ago to visit the zoo and had a pretty good time even though it was pretty cold for visiting the zoo. I was surprised at how many animals were still outside, but even if they'd been inside, many of the exhibits had indoor visitors areas. I was disappointed by the size of the exhibits, most notably the rhinoceros exhibit which seemed pretty small for such a large animal. For a small zoo, however, it had quite a variety of animals. I made a movie of the photos since there were so many, but as always, you can check them out individually below. Have fun!

*Red vs Blue is a super funny web series based in Halo, the exceedingly popular first person shooter. As a warning, they have potty mouths.

**Prairie dogs have long been the bane of cattle and horse ranchers, as they are suspected of both eating all the grass and digging holes into which unsuspecting animals (particularly horses) step, breaking their legs (possibly throwing a rider, who then may also injure himself). Said animals are usually killed as the expense and unlikelihood of properly repairing the injury outweigh the animal's value.*** Some wildlife experts believe this long held belief to be highly suspect.

***It's somewhat ironic to note that we've begun doing this to humans...

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