Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oslo Vigeland Park 08-31-08

**WARNING: Naked statues ahead!!!**

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Vigeland Park is one of if not the most popular tourist attractions in Oslo. I had looked it up online before we left and had decided against going. I've never been into sculpture work and wasn't expecting a giant park full of nudes to be particularly interesting. When Andy and Peter insisted we go, I drug my feet, but was very pleasantly surprised to discover that they didn't just put a bunch of random statues in a park. Instead, the entire thing is a whole, with the statues sitting within a context rather than as individual, uninteresting studies of the human form.

The third photo contains a shot of the grand finale - a monolith of bodies. Unfortunately, the darn thing was wrapped up in plastic, so there's no picture. Surrounding it, however, were lots of other statues that I did get to see. =)

There's a bridge shortly after entering the park with statues all along the sides, which is very cool. I don't know why Andy refused to strip down to do a proper imitation of the statue, but this is the best he would do...

Later on you come to a fountain surrounded by trees with people in them. This is sort of a play on the tree of life idea but not. As you go from one tree to another, you see that there is a beginning and and end - babies to children to adults to old people. I liked it.

Despite it being cold and dark outside, Norway has some beautiful flowers and Vigeland Park had several little gardens where I cajoled Andy into take more flower pictures. =)

If you look at the second photo more closely, you can see one of the more bizarre (and frightening) statues in the park.

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