Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bilbao Architecture 08-10-11-08

Most of this is just really cool Bilbao architecture, and has nothing to do with anything other than that I liked it. =) Unlike most modern cities in the US, I think Bilbao has wonderful examples of beautiful modern architecture that respects what has come before rather than attempting to slough it off. On the other hand, it has examples of blatant disregard and disgust for the old, as you can see in the modern looking church below.

The second photo is of some official looking building that here acts as a representative of attractive modern architecture. There were more buildings like this, but apparently we didn't take pictures of them. 0=)

The building on the far right was really freaking cool, but it's hard to tell just how cool it is. It sort of looks like there was a building between it and the building behind it, but that building has now been removed. So this one very skinny building was just standing all by itself in the middle of everything, but unfortunately the shot doesn't quite capture it.

The statue portrays the Basque hero (whose name I have now forgotten) conquering Neptune, the god of the sea. It's a monument to Cosme Damián Churruca y Elorza who according to the translated version of his Spanish Wikipedia page did some stuff relating to seafaring. =) Andy's going to love that one.

The church that we didn't get to go into because it was too late. =(

Andy decided that when we build our dream home, it will look like the first photo before. I have decided it will either look like the middle one or the the top floor and a half of the third one. Who do you think will win?

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