Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bilbao Lamp Posts 08-10-11-08

Bilbao had a LOT of different kinds of lamp posts ranging, like it's architecture, from the lovely and ornate to the ugly and modern. Some of these, such as the last three in the set below, don't even look like lamp posts, but Borja assures us they light up at night. I had wanted to go back to the second set in the evening, but forgot.

The first two are from the river between the Guggenheim and the university, while the third is from an ugly modern building, which you can see in the background and the fourth is from the old port of Bilbao.

This first lamp post is pretty cool, so definitely click on it to see more detail. The second is on the side of the church that we couldn't enter, because we arrived too late. And I don't remember where the last one was taken. =)

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