Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's Shakin'

I’ve been away for quite a while now – Andy and I have returned to the States and are back in Chicago after a dreamlike month back home. Returning to Chicago at the beginning of a cold and snowy January from a warm and sunny Texas is a bit like slamming your forehead into a brick wall. At least it gives more than granite…

Now for the really exciting stuff: what’s coming up! As you’ve all seen, I’ve been a huge slacker when it comes to posting photos for the last few trips. Never fear, however! Come Monday, I’ll post the photos from Germany, then the ones from Paris, and then, most exciting of all, THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE! It turned out very nicely, and I want to do one for next year, though I have now forgotten whatever brilliant ideas I had besides using sugar cookie instead of gingerbread, since apparently the only people who like gingerbread are my mom and my husband. Who knew!

In less pleasantly wonderful news, the return to pre-European weight continues. I blame the salad. And the bizarre-o egg cravings.

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Anonymous said...

The salad...the egg cravings...or the BABY!!! :-) -Sarah